All Torrey Pines Homeowners are expected to pay $75 per year for their annual Homeowners Association Dues due on Jan 1 of each new year!

Payment not received by 1/15 will have a late fee of $12 added to them and the only payment allowed at that point will be using paypal in the amount of $87

Payment with late charges not received by 1/31 will have a lien placed against the property and the only payment at that point will be using paypal in the amount of $108

You can pay by mailing a check, only if your payment is made on or before 1/15.  No checks will be accepted after 1/15. Online payment through paypal is the only option.

Please mail your payment to TPHOA in the amount of $75:

Torrey Pines Homeowners Association

PO Box 359

Boystown, NE 68010-0359  

What are some of the expenses our dues pay for?

Oppd for Lighting our Main Entrance Islands

MUD for Watering our Main Entrance Islands

Upkeep & repair for exterior lighting & sprinkler systems on the Main Islands

Mowing, Tree Trimming, Tree Removal, Mulch & Upkeep on all Islands

Post Office Box & Web Domain

Winter Holiday Lighting & Storage

Neighborhood Garage Sale Advertising 

Hall Rental at Church for HOA Meetings

Newsletter, billing, correspondences & postage

Lien Handling and Online Payment Fees

Software Subscriptions-DirectorySpot & Quickbooks

Welcome Package Gifts

Yard of the Month/Holiday Lights Contest Gifts

Legal Fees

PJ Morgan Property Management Partnership

Pay your HOA dues online using Paypal!

Payment Options