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Q. Is the trailer that is parked in the driveway on 150th Street considered in violation of the covenants?

A.  No, since this trailer is used for a business and is moved everyday it is no different than a van, auto with advertisement or truck.  The trailers that are mentioned in the covenants refers to a camper trailer and recreational vehicles/RVs. The trailer on 150th Street is not in violation.

Q. Is the Torrey Pines Park maintained or owned by the Torrey Pines Association?

A. No, this park is owned and maintained by the City of Omaha. If you have issues with the park, please contact the Mayor's Hotline.

Q. Does the Torrey Pines Board organize any family events?

A. Torrey Pines Board has asked for volunteers to help organize these types of events and to date we have not had anyone interested in volunteering their time, we are open to help organizing these, however we need help from our home owners to accomplish this! Interested in volunteering--Please contact us! 

Q. I heard a rumor that the covenants have expired, is that true?

A. This is completely untrue, the covenants do not expire. The only way they can be amended or dissolved would be to have 75% of homeowners petition to the Bennington Company to dissolve/Amend them. We have 157 properties in Torrey Pines, so 75% would require at least 118 official signatures of home owners. ****Update 2018-The Bennington Company dissolved in 2016 and the Torrey Pines Board of Directors assumed all responsibilities of the former declarant. Nothing has changes or dissolved of the existing covenants as outlined originally.


Q. We want to make a small flower bed inside our front door and also place some brick in front of the existing floor bed. How do we get this approved? We also plan on adding a fence this summer.

A. Simply contact the board and give us your plans on this and we can get this approved for you as quickly as possible. Thank you!


Q. How long is the term for board members?

A. The board members serve a three year term, then they have the opportunity to leave the board or be voted back into a new term. Keep in mind that the board is made of our volunteers, who volunteer their time and they are not compensated. Interested in being on the board, please contact us.

Q. When are the HOA dues required to be paid?

A. The dues of $60 are to be paid on January 1st of each new year. HOA statements are mailed out to Homeowners the first week of December, as notice of when payment is expected.  Any payment not received by January 15 will automatically be charged the interest rate as indicated in our covenants.  A second written and mailed notice statement will be mailed out to all delinquent property owners on January 15 with the added interest amount of $9.60 bringing the new required payment to be $69.60. If full payment is not received by January 31, the property will have a lien placed on it and final notification will be sent out to property owner, with the lien amounts added to the new required payment to be $90.60 for removal of the lien.  Interest will accrue based on the amount of time the lien is left open and unpaid, per the guidelines in our covenants. We make every attempt to work with property owners to NOT file a lien. If you have a hardship and need to contact the Board to arrange payment, please do this immediately to avoid a lien placed against your property.  Any additional questions about dues please contact us!  *Update 2018-the dues for 2019 were increased to $75, the added interest payment would be $12 for a late payment of $87, and if a lien is placed on the property the total to release would be $108.00. Please make sure you make a note the dues are to be paid each calendar year no later than 1/15.