We have partnered with a Property Management Company, PJ Morgan as of 10/26/2020. Each property owner should have received a welcome packet in the postal mail. If you did not receive this under the end of the month in October 2020, please let us know so we can update our address information. 

Your contact and Property Manager at PJ Morgan Real Estate is Kathy Kavan 
You can reach her at 402-609-4658

The association Board will continue to handle HOA Dues and payments to contractors. Kathy's responsibilities will include obtaining bids for contractual repairs, scheduling of repairs, mailings, attendance at all Board meeting and the Association's annual meeting and being available for the convenience of the homeowners.  PJ Morgan will help ensure our Board is meeting Bylaws and Covenants expectations but also ensure we are protected, and we have access to their Legal Team to protect our Board and HOA.
She will also be doing bi-monthly drive by covenant review and working with the Board and the HOA to bring our Bylaws and Covenants up to date.

Here are some common things that they will be reviewing when doing their drive-by review of the neighborhood.
Trash cans, unnecessary storage items in driveway over period of time, dumpsters, unkept landscaping, dead trees, major peeling of paint or siding damage on a home, homes not being kept up, vehicles being stored, holiday decorations after mid-January and signs.  Notices will be sent out to Homeowners to make the necessary adjustments. If you have any questions about this please contact Kathy or the Board.

The monthly fee for our partnership with PJ Morgan is $125 a month. 
This charge will not cause our TPHOA dues to be increased.

Some of the neighborhoods that PJ Morgan partners with their HOA are:
Anchor Pointe~ Autumn Grove ~ Bellbrook ~ Brookhaven West ~ Brook Park ~    Candlewood ~ Deer Creek Highlands ~ Grayhawk West ~ Southwind ~ South Hamptons ~ Stone Ridge West ~The Ridges ~ Tomlinson Woods ~ Vintage Oaks ~ Walnut Ridge ~ 
Westin Hills~ 

We are proud to partner with such a reputable and established Property Management Company and are excited what this can bring to our Board and HOA!

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