Please make sure you fully understand the Covenants and if you are in question or have a specific question about your residence please make sure you contact us!

Some of the TOP violations:

       Article I- Restrictions & Covenants

#7-Garbage Cans stored outside in front of the house are NOT acceptable. The ONLY time garbage cans should be outside is on trash collection day and must be out of site within 24 hours of collection.   

#8-No Boats, Trailers, Campers, Mobile Homes should be maintained or stored on ANY part of a LOT (other than in an enclosed structure) for more than 20 days within a calendar year.  This is not only our covenant it is also against the City Code which does not allow it to be parked on the street.

#9-No repair of boats, automobiles, etc. requiring more than 48 hours, or shall vehicles offensive to the neighborhood, be stored, parked or abandoned on any lot.  
#9-Lawns should be maintained and well kept. Please keep your yards nice-they should be mowed, weeds removed and landscape well-maintained, dead trees removed. 
Thank you for keeping OUR neighborhood beautiful!